Wednesday 03-04-20 Workout Of the Day

E 4:00 x 5 sets
KB Complex:
5 double KB cleans
5 double KB front squats
5 double KB S2OH
10 double KB front rack lunges
2 length double KB front rack carry

B. 3 sets, max effort
20/15 cal bike
*rest as needed (~2 mins)

 Workout Intentions: Part A will be performed against a 4 minute clock. KB weight should be challenging for all sets; no prescribed weight. The goal is unbroken for the entire complex. You will have plenty of rest each round; feel free to sit down between sets to recover. 

Part B will be performed on the bikes specifically. The calories themselves should not take more than 1 minute. If you are slower on the bike, lower the calories. This is meant to be an all-out sprint effort, with about 2 minutes of rest between sets which will allow for recovery. Score for part B is your SLOWEST time of the 3 sets. Stagger so all athletes can use the bike.