Wednesday 04-07-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 10 min skill work: Ring MU
*sub strict pullup/dip work for those that cannot perform pullups/dips

B. 25 min Circuit
1:00 wallsit
20 goblet squats
2 ring MU (sub 2-4 dips + 2-4 pullups)

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s skill work is going to be ring muscle ups for those that are able to do them or are close to them. Coaches will go over give drills/variations and help athletes as needed. If you are not close to doing ring muscle ups and don’t have the strength to do strict pullups/dips, you will do an EMOM during this skill work to build strength. 

Part B is a circuit that you will be able to incorporate the skill work from Part A. Wallsits can be weighted. HSPU can be subbed for pike pushups and don’t need to be unbroken. Goblet squats will be at a challenging weight and also do not have to be unbroken. The goal for today is to cycle through movements for 25 minutes moving consistently and practicing some higher level skill work under moderate fatigue.