Wednesday 04-21-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 12 min build
3 TNG power cleans

B. AMRAP x 15 min
30 DU
15 power cleans @85/115#
30 DU
15 t2b

Workout Notes/Intentions: In Part A, you will be building from the ground to a challenging set of 3 power cleans. They should be touch and go, meaning you are not dropping the bar between reps. Coaches will go over technical cues and tips for efficient cycling as that bar gets heavier. Newer athletes can go from the hang. 

For Part B, weight should be lighter than you got to in Part A. The 15 power cleans do not need to be unbroken. You may want to do 9/6 or 6/5/4. Quick efficient singles may also be suitable as you get further into the workout. 30 DU can be subbed for 60 singles. T2B can be modified to a hanging leg raise, toes to rings, or dragonflags. This workout is sure to be grippy; be sure to use hook grip on the barbell and you may want to spend some time on a lacrosse ball after, smashing your forearms!