Wednesday 04-28-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. Skill work: HSPU

B. EMOM x 15
1: 5 HSPU
2: 10 tall box jumps
3: 15 squat jumps

C. For time:@35/50#
DB squat cleans

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A will be spent working on handstand pushups. You can practice strict or kipping, or any variation of. Coaches can go over drills to help you with where you are at. If you are not able to kick up into a handstand against the wall, you can start there. If you are not able to kick up out of the bottom of the pushup, you can practice slow, controlled descents. 

Part B is a 15 minute EMOM, so you will do 5 rounds total. The 5 HSPU’s should be challenging for 5 reps. This means you may need to add a deficit or tempo. The second minute will be box jumps, but they should be taller than usual. Last week we were practicing tall box jumps in a lower body heavy strength piece, so you can use that height for reference. You might be able to go higher since your legs won’t be as fatigued. The 15 squat jumps can be bodyweight or with a kettlebell. Challenge yourself accordingly. 

Part C is a short metcon. HSPU should be kipping. You can sub a double DB push press if you aren’t able to do HSPU’s yet. The DB squat cleans will be done with 2 dumbbells, from the ground. You want to be able to get through your set of 21’s in 2-3 sets for both movements. Push yourself on the round of 9!