Wednesday 05-20-20


4 Min work 1 Min rest for FIVE ROUNDS with 1 DB or KB @ 35/50#  Box height @ 20/24″
“Beat Box”
10 DB Box Step Ups
10 Pull-Ups
10 Box Jumps
10 Dips (ring, box or bench)
10 DB Box step overs
10 Devils Snatch (not alternating 5 & 5)

*This workout should be done with one DB. Try to keep moving and take that full minute of rest after every four minutes of work. Different people will have different strengths so pick it up when you can and slow it down when you need to.


EMOM – 12

Odd Minutes:
10 DB Chest Press

Even Minutes:
10 Bent-Over Row (supine grip)

*Pick a challenging weight for both movements. Heavy but doable. Keep in mind each rep will be more and more challenging as fatigue builds and you’ve already completed one part of a workout.