Wednesday 05/24/2023 Workout Of the Day

With a Running Clock…
(40 min time cap)

1 mile run (buy-in)
then AMRAP til 15:00
10 wallballs @14/20#
10 pullups
5 rounds:
12/10 cal ski
10 DB snatch @35/50#
10 box jump overs @20/24″
50 burpees
50/40 cal row

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is a long one, to be done on a running clock. The workout begins with a 1 mile buy-in run. When you return from the run, you will work until the 15 minute mark on an AMRAP of 10 wallballs and 10 pullups. At 15:00, you will have a 3 minute break to rest. At 18 minutes you will start on 5 rounds of skiing, DB snatches and box jump overs. You have 14 minutes to get that work done; the sooner you finish the more rest you get. If you do not finish, you will go directly into the last portion with zero rest. At 32 minutes, you have 50 burpees and a 50/40 cal row. Get this done as quickly as you can and you are finished the workout. At 40 minutes, everyone is capped. Coaches will note the following on the whiteboard: AMRAP score, time you finished 5 rounds, and final finish time.