Wednesday 05/31/2023 Workout Of the Day

35 min Partner AMRAP*
10 deadlifts @135/185#
10 pullups
10/12 cal echo
10 dbl DB step overs @35#
10 single DB hang C&J (5/side)
10/12 cal ski
10 burpees
*alternate movements

Workout Notes: For today’s partner AMRAP you will be alternating movements for the entirety. Partner 1 starts on deadlifts and does all 10 reps, then partner 2 does all 10 pullups, partner 1 does all 10/12 cals on the ECHO, partner 2 does 10 step overs, etc., continuing in that manner. There are an odd number of exercises so for round two you will end up doing all the movements you didn’t in the first round. Focus on quick transitions and keep the intensity high. Have fun!