Wednesday 06/14/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. 5×3*
Front Squats

B. For Time*:
30 front squats @65/95#
15 ring dips
20 front squats @85/115#
10 ring dips
10 front squats @105/155#
5 ring dips
*cashout 30/25 cal echo

Workout Notes: Part A will be from the rack on a 3:30 clock. If you were here last week for front squats, we are dropping the reps by one and increasing the weight if possible. Rest between sets, and choose a challenging weight.

Part B starts with front squats at your lightest weight. As the front squat reps drop, the weight increases. Change your own weights during the workout. Everyone must increase weight, regardless of if they RX or not. Predetermine your 3 weights before beginning the workout. After the 5 ring dips, you will get on an echo bike and cashout with one bike ride; 30 cals for the guys, 25 for the ladies.