Wednesday 06-17-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 100 bench or floor press w/barbell
*every time you break, perform 5 strict pullups

B. For time: @35/50#*
time cap: 16 minutes 
100 KB snatch
100 goblet squats
100 KB swings
*the first time you break and put down the KB, perform 1 burpee. the second time = 2 burpees, third = 3, etc. Adding one burpee every time you break.

Workout Intentions/Notes: For part A, you don’t need to go RX. This weight is reserved for those that can hit 12-15+ reps unbroken on their first set. You should be able to get those 100 reps done in about 8 sets. We also don’t want you to be able to do it in 2 sets! Try to hit bigger sets in the beginning. The muscular fatigue will set in and those reps will start feeling quite challenging near the end!

For Part B, the goal is to hold onto that bell for as long as you can. The weight should be one you are familiar and comfortable with. You may switch hands on the snatches as often as you’d like. The burpee penalty carries through the entire workout (including when transition from snatches to goblet squats), so be smart about your rest.