Wednesday 06-24-2020 Workout Of the Day

With a running clock…

3 rounds:
300m run
20 box jumps @20/24”
20 KB swings @35/50#

-rest 3:00-

2 rounds:
300m run
30 KB snatches @35/50#
30 pushups

-rest 3:00-

1 round:
300m run
40 t2b
40 burpees

Workout Intentions/Notes: This workout will be done with a running clock. Moderate effort run, steady paced box jump/step downs and KB swings should be unbroken. Overhead KBS for those who can. You get rest before beginning the 2 rounds, so finish strong on the 3 rounds. Runs in the middle section can be a bit quicker than previous. Switch arms on snatches as needed; goal is to not put that bell down. Break up pushups into small sets with short breaks. The last section should be a hard 300m run. Try to hit a big set of t2b to start, then break up as needed. Finish strong on the burpees; last 8-10 reps should be speedy!