Wednesday 07-12-22 Workout Of The Day

E4M – 5

10 DB Chest Press
8 BB Deadlift
6 Strict Pull-Ups

In a four minute window, build to and through the above three movements. Share some benches and weights to save on space. Don’t limit the smack talk, that always helps 🙂

“Push N’ Pull”
11/15 Kcal ECHO
8 BB Thrusters

RX: 65/95#
Intermediate: 55/75#
Beginner 45/55# +/-

30 C2B / Pull-Ups Cashout.

Pick a weight you can perform unbroken for the thrusters and stay consistent on the bike. For your pull ups, pick a variation you can hit for 10 unbroken reps on your first set (kipping, butterfly, banded, ring rows).