Wednesday 07-15-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 RFT @105/155#
time cap 25 min
15 bar facing burpees
12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 S2OH
300m run

B. 3 sets:
10 sec hollow hold
10 hollow rocks
10 V-ups
10 dead bugs

Workout Intentions/Notes: Part A is a spin on the benchmark workout “DT”. We have added bar facing burpees and a 300m run to it. Pace the burpees and try to step them up before jumping over the bar. This will help you  to set a smooth, consistent pace that you can move through for all 15 reps.  Coaches can demo efficient bar facing burpees. For the barbell movements, you don’t need to perform all reps unbroken. You can efficiently break it up as follows: Hit the 11 DL’s, then rest briefly. Hit your 12th DL then go right into 8 hang power cleans. Drop the bar and rest. Perform your last hang power clean then go directly into your 6 S2OH. This allows for minimal wasted rest. Pace the run throughout the workout, and try to finish your last 300m with a hard effort.

Part B is core work, and can be performed at your own pace; rest as needed.