Wednesday 07-29-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. 5×3 push jerk*
*6-8/side single arm DB or KB rows between each set

B. 6 RFT @85/115#
time cap 17 mins
12 t2b
9 S2OH
6 burpee box jumps
30 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A will be from the ground, so you must clean the bar to start each set. Build to a challenging set of 3 push jerks and then begin counting your sets. As it gets heavy, you likely won’t be doing touch and go reps, but rather resetting each rep. If you are moving well, you may build slightly throughout your 5 sets, so long as your first set is still challenging (i.e. warm up sets do not count towards your 5). Between each set of push jerks, you will complete 6-8 reps of a single arm DB or KB row, with bench or box support. Try to use the box you will need in part B to maximize space/equipment. Go heavy with these rows!

For Part B, t2b will likely be done unbroken in the early rounds, and then you may need to start breaking them up as you fatigue. If you are breaking them up, try to take short rest (5-4-3) or do quick singles back to back. The 9 S2OH should be unbroken each round.  Push press or push jerks will be the ideal option for these reps. The burpee box jumps are not jump overs, so you must stand tall on those boxes. Stepping the burpee portion of the movement down and up is a great strategy to use while tired that will allow consistent movement and not needing to stop and rest. Stay relaxed on the double unders. Sub 60 singles if you do not have DU. This workout should not have a lot of time spent completely resting.