Wednesday 08/16/2023 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 15 min
min 1: 10 dbl DB bent over rows
min 2: 8 seated dbl KB strict press
min 3: 6 strict chinups (+ weight)

B. 15 min. AMRAP @35/50#
50 DU/100 singles
15 anchored situps
10 dbl KB front squats
5 dbl KB C&J

Workout Notes: Part A is an upper body focused strength EMOM. You will go through each movement for 5 rounds. Choose weights that challenge you- the last 1-2 reps should be tough. 

Part B is a 15 minute AMRAP. Try to do the KB movements unbroken, or breaking one between each exercise. Be consistent and try to keep moving the entire 15 minutes.