Wednesday 08-19-2020 Workout Of the Day

For time: @65/95#
50 hang squat cleans*
50 S2OH*
50 back squats*
50 floor press*

*Every time you break, perform 1 round of “Cindy”

*1 round Cindy:
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s workout is a barbell chipper. The weight on your bar should allow you to hit at least 10 reps of each movement unbroken if you were fresh. If you cannot do a set of 10 at that weight, go lighter. You will want to hit a big set to begin this workout. Every time you break and put the bar down, you must perform one full round of “Cindy”. Pullups can be strict/kipping/butterfly/banded. Before getting back to the bar, take a second to compose yourself and ensure you can hit another sizable set. You don’t want to be doing small sets of barbell work, otherwise you will spend most of your time doing Cindy! The back squats should be done in the fewest sets of all, as you can hangout with the bar on your back for rest if needed. You cannot back-rack the bar at any other point as “rest”- that counts as a break and you must do a round of Cindy! Hang squat cleans and S2OH can be rested in the front rack if you wish. If you go directly from back squats into floor press by simply placing the bar on the ground and immediately bringing it into position and beginning reps, this does not count as a break. If it takes any longer than a few seconds and you rest on the floor, this counts as a break (Cindy time!).