Wednesday 08-26-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. Not for time:
floor press, increasing weight
pendlay rows, increasing weight
*0:30 hanging L-sit or tuck hold from bar after each set

B. In 15:00…
1 mile run
In time remaining…
Box jumps @20/24″
Single DB devils press @35/50#

Workout Intentions: For Part A, you will use one barbell, and you will change weights as needed. Perform 10 floor press and then 10 pendlay rows. You can have different weights for the two movements. Between each set, you will accumulate 30 seconds of either an L-sit, tuck hold or dead hang from the rig. If you cannot do 30 seconds unbroken, you can drop down and rest, but must accumulate 30 seconds to complete the set. For each round of barbell exercises, you will be adding weight. 

For Part B, you have a 15 minute window to work. It starts with a one mile run, and then whatever time is remaining when you finish the run will be spent on an ascending ladder. Try to move for the full 15 minutes. You can slow the pace of box jumps and devils press if needed, but try to keep working. Score for Part B is your rounds+reps in the ladder portion. Coaches will also write your mile time on the board as you come in for reference if you’d like.