Wednesday 09-02-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. For time:
900m run
21 C&J @65/95#
21 pullups
21 bar facing burpees
600m run
15 C&J @95/135#
15 pullups
15 bar facing burpees
300m run
9 C&J @125/185#
9 pullups
9 bar facing burpees

B. Cash out: 
100 BB strict press @35/45#*
*every time you break, perform 10 skull crushers + 10 BB curls

Workout Notes/Intentions: There is lot’s of running in today’s workout, so you likely want to pace yourself on the runs. You want to be able to get into the gym and start cycling C&J’s pretty quickly. C&J’s get progressively heavier as the reps decrease. You are responsible for changing your own weights. Everyone should have 3 distinct weights for this workout, even if you are not using RX. The first weight should be cycled in bigger sets (~10 reps if you were fresh). Pullups should be doable in 1-3 sets. The second weight for C&J’s should be heavier and you will likely stick to smaller sets or quick singles. The final weight should be your heaviest and likely require you to do singles. Pullups on the last round should be unbroken, and burpees should be a sprint. Finish strong and fast on this one!

Part B is just a quick little finisher! Knock out big sets of those strict press, because your “breaks” are going to get increasingly fatiguing. Feel free to stick around after class to get this done if you run out of time. All that’s needed is an empty bar!