Gym News:

We have a couple schedule changes this week so please check the schedule and sign up before showing up to class.
Wednesday, January 16th (and Thursday January 24th) Starke is hosting the West St Paul Wildcats for a school workout from 9-11am. To accommodate for these students we’ve moved the 9:30am class to 11am.

Thursday January 17th the 9:30am class will be moved to 8:30am  and there will be no noon class and allow Ben & Paul to put on a presentation for the National Microbiology Laboratory mid-morning. Don’t worry, we’ll be wearing bio suits and make sure that we don’t get bitten by any monkies while we’re there…   

This Saturday we will be hosting the Bench Press Championships at Starke. If you’re interested in volunteering for the event please send an email to for more details on positions that need to be filled. The powerlifting association will set up Saturday afternoon and lifting should start around 2pm. This will be a short afternoon event as it’s only the one lift for competitors.

Wednesday 1-16-19


6-8 Min Skill work Double Bell Snatches


3 Rounds NFT (20 Min time cap)

8-12 Reps SUPINE grip bench / floor press

12 Split Squats / Leg

8-12 Strict Chin-Ups

12 Goblet Squats @ 31×1



“Ring Of Fire”

10 x 50′ Shuttle Runs

15 Ball over Burpees

20 Wall Balls 20/30#

25 Shoot Throughs w. Push-Up (paralettes, boxes or jerk blocks)

10 Shuttle Runs

Part A. Athletes should pick weights that they’ll be successful with in the slow strength building portion. They may need a spotter for the bench so be aware of athletes when they start that portion.

Part B.  is a gas pedal workout. Your first ten shuttle runs should be at about an 80-85% effort as compared to the last ten shuttle runs. Ball over burpees should be at a consistent pace. The Wall balls should only be ONE DROP during the set of 20 and the shoot throughs will have several breaks 3-4. The final run should be at a 95-100% effort and they SHOULD feel pukey from this one (but not puke).