Wednesday 10-18-23 Workout Of the Day

E2:30 – 6
1 Power clean + 1 hang power clean + 1 jerk

AMRAP – 10
10 Wall Balls
10 Hang Power Cleans 65/95# +/-
10 Box Jumps

Today we start off with a little weight, lifting complex for part a. Perform one power clean, then one power, clean from the hang position and one jerk. Your jerk could be a split jerk or a power jerk, depending on your level of comfort with the movements. If you love these type of workouts, make sure to come down on Saturdays from 11 to 1 PM to hit our Olympic lifting class with Coach Nick.

For part B choose a wait for the wall balls and hang power, cleans that you can perform unbroken reps under fatigue. The weights should be light enough that you can keep moving all the way through.