Wednesday 11-17-2021 Workout Of the Day

barbell close grip bench press*
dbl DB/KB lunges

B. 4 RFT
time cap 16 mins
20 KBS @50/70#
15 box jump overs @20/24”
50 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, bench press is from the rack. Ensure your grip is inside shoulder width. You won’t be able to go as heavy as regular grip. Add weight as the reps descend. Between each set, perform 10 heavy double bell lunges. Alternate legs and hold the bells at your side.

In Part B, swings are shoulder height and heavier than usual. Pace the box jump overs- you don’t have to stand up tall and you can step down or jump down onto the other side of the box. HSPU should be doable in 1-2 sets. 50 DU can be subbed for 75 single skips. If you complete each round in just under 4 minutes (1 exercise per minute) you will finish just under the 16 minute time cap.