Wednesday 12-02-2020 Starke HomeFit

A. 8 min AMRAP
8 power cleans
8 lateral bar/bell/object burpees
rest 4:00
B. 8 min AMRAP
8 S2OH
8 box/stair jumps
rest 4:00
C. 8 min AMRAP
8 front squats
8/10 cals 

Workout Notes/Intentions: Today’s workout is a total of 3 x 8 min AMRAPs, each with 4 minutes of rest between. All 4 AMRAP’s are couplets, with only 2 movements in each. The goal is to go unbroken and move consistently for the full 8 minutes. There is one barbell (or DB/KB) movement in each AMRAP, paired with a non-barbell movement. Set up your equipment close together if possible, to limit time spent transitioning. Use whatever equipment you’ve got available.