Wednesday 12-06-17 Workout Of The Day


Handstand skill work

Wall facing handstand hold

5 Rounds 30sec. on & 30 sec. off


B. Kicking up & cartwheel out…  8 Min EMOM 2x cartwheels or kick up + cartwheel out EMOM

For athletes that are not comfortable kicking up to a handstand this is your chance to work on a cartwheel or kicking up and cartwheeling out to recover. If you have the ability to take steps this is your chance to work on getting some distance work in. Use cones to have a start and finish distance. Use the EMOM as a chance to kick up and take steps. If you come down wait until the start of the next minute to kick back up.


For Time

50 Kcal Row

40 KBS 30/50#

30 Wall Balls 20/30#

20 T2B

10 Bar Muscle Ups / Pull Ups