Wednesday 12-06-23 Workout Of The Day

In Teams of two…
30: Work :30 Rest (4 rounds / 32 min)

1. BB Thrusters
2. Pull Ups
3. Hang Power Cleans
4. Box Over Burpees
5. T2B / HLR
6. Dips
7. ECHO Bike 
8. Rest

BB Movements
RX: 65/95#
Int: 55/75#
Beg: 45/55# +/-

In teams of two, One person will work to accumulate as many reps in 30 seconds before partner two jumps in for 30 seconds. If possible, try to keep count of all your reps over each exercise per round. Choose weights you can spend the majority of the 30 seconds banging out reps on and modify as needed.