Wednesday 3-08-23 Workout Of The Day

E3M – 6 (18 min)
3 BB Strict Press
5 Strict C2B Pull Ups / Weighted Pull Ups / Pull Ups

From the rack, build to and perform a heavy set of three strict press and your most challenging variation for five pull ups.


AMRAP – 10
“Two Bars Are Better Than One”
9 Front Squats
6 BB Floor Press
3 Bar Muscle Ups / Burpee Pull Ups

RX: 95/135#
Intermediate: 85/115#
Beginner: 65/95#

Today’s AMRAP will be between two bars. After hitting your 9 front squats, drop your bar and slide under it for your floor press then pop up for your bar muscle ups or variation. Choose weights and methods you’ll be able to go unbroken with.