Wednesday 3-16-22 Workout Of The Day

E90 – 15
5 Deadlift
6-8 Strict C2B, Pull Ups, Ring Rows
6-8 Strict Press or strict HSPU

Part A. is a strength workout with a little recovery built in. Choose some challenging weights to begin with and build throughout if possible.

AMRAP – 12
5 Dbl. Bell Front Squats
5 Dbl. Bell Thrusters
5 Dbl. Bell Jerks
6 Shuttle Runs

Part B. should be done with two bells and unbroken for all 15 reps. Choose a double bell weight you can go unbroken with. Shuttle runs start and end at the wall for six lengths. Window to wall = 1 length. I know we’ll go through this several times as there are always questions about lengths vs. laps and we know it’s complicated but don’t worry. We’ll help with it 🙂 Pace yourself to be able to get on the bells right after you complete your SIX LENGTHS of shuttle runs.