Wednesday 3-22-23 Workout Of The Day

E4M – 5 (20 min)
6 Split Squats (R. leg)
6 Split Squats (L. leg)
6 Weighted Chin Ups
12 Alternating DB Chest Press (floor or bench)

In a four minute window, perform the above movements. Use a barbell or kettlebells for your split squats (can be done from the rack) You should getting 60-90 seconds of rest minimum each round with your split squats taking up the most time.

5 Min work 2 min rest x 2 rounds (12 min work)
“Round N’ Round”
7/10 Kcal Ski
8 C2B Pull Ups / Pull Ups / Ring Rows
6 KB Clean & Jerk 35/50# 30/40# 25/35# +/-

This is basically a ten minute AMRAP with a little rest in between 🙂 Set a pace you can keep moving and work a little harder than normal as you’ll get to sip some water and relax half way through for a couple minutes. Pick bells you can go unbroken with and pull up variations you can hit in two sets.