Wednesday 5-4-22 Workout Of The Day

E2:30 – 8 (20 min)
5 Deadlift & 5 Strict HSPU, Pike Push Ups or KB Strict Press

In a two and a half minute window, perform five deadlifts and five strict reps of any of the above movements. Make sure to have a minimum of 90 seconds rest each round.

50/60 Kcal Row
50 DB Snatches
30/40 Kcal Ski
30 DB Squat Jumps (same weight as snatches)
15/20 Kcal ECHO
10 Burpees over your DB

RX: 35/50#
Intermediate: 30/40#
Beginner: 25/35# +/-

Pour some gasoline and light a match. This workout will be a non-stop effort from start to finish. Pick a weight you can keep moving with and take short breaks if needed.