Wednesday 6-01-22 Workout Of The Day

In Teams Of Two Alternating Exercises

AMRAP – 30
“Rough Riders”
10 T2B
10/12 Kcal Echo
10 Hang Power Cleans
10 Bar Over Burpees
10 DB Box Step Overs (two DB’s)

RX: BB 85/115# DB’s 35/50#
Intermediate: BB 65/95# DB’s 30/40#
Beginner: BB 55/75# DB’s 25/35#

On round one, person 1 will perform all ten T2B or variation, person two hits Cals on the echo bike… keep alternating exercises in this format for an AMRAP of 30 minutes. Since this isn’t a “share the load” type partner workout, you the non working partner should be heading over to the next exercise while waiting for the working partner to finish their set.