Wednesday 6-09-21 Starke HomeFit

EMOM – 16
Odd Minutes: 5-6 Pul Ups / Bent Over Rows
Even Minutes: 6-10 Deficit Push Ups (DB’s, Boxes, Benches etc…)

Find your variations for the above two movements. These should be tough and allow for 30ish seconds rest between exercises. Pick the most challenging versions available to you and keep in mind quality is more important than quantity here.

AMRAP – 12
“Pop N Lock”
10 DB Box Step Overs
8 Box Jump Overs
6 Burpee Pull Ups / Burpee Rows

This workout is a 12 minute AMRAP that can be done with 1-2 dumbbells. If you don’t have a box use a set of stairs and just do step ups. Don’t worry about moving “quick” on any of these three, just worry about moving consistently.

Have fun! 🙂