Wednesday 6-22-22 Workout Of The Day

Happy birthday coach Jaz! It’s been great having you join the Starke team as a Nutrition coach, Pre-Natal coach, Starke Kids coach, and as a Hairstylist for Jasmine Phoenix Hair. We don’t know how many more coaching positions will come up but we’re sure you’ll probably take them as they do. All the best to a great mother and member of our Starke community and team.

In teams of two…
AMRAP – 39

39 Synchro Double Unders
39 Lunge to Front Squat*
39 Strict Pull Ups
39 DB Push Ups
39 Synchro Double Unders
39 Box Jumps
39 Bent Over Rows
39 Burpees
39 Synchro Double Unders

*right lunge + left lunge + front squat = 1 rep
**E5M 39 Kcal on the C2 or Ski ERG (at minutes 5,10,15,20,25,30,35)

RX: 65/95#
Intermediate: 55/75#
Beginner 45/55# +/-

Todays workout is a you go, I go partner workout. Chip away at the reps till you get to 39 them go on to the next movement. Every five minutes stop and crank out 39 cals on the C2 bike or the ski erg.