Wednesday 7-28-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 2:30 x 6 sets
10 alt. seated strict press
5 strict pullups
10 strict T2B/T2R

B. E3:00 x 6 sets
15/12 cal ski
10 burpees
12 DB snatch @35/50#

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, find weights and variations that challenge you for the allotted reps. You are building strength, so try to go heavy. You should get some rest in Part A, so once you are done with your strict T2B or T2R, sit down and rest before beginning your next round.

Part B should be a hard effort. You want to get those reps done as fast as you can, while still maintaining quality of movement of course! Aim for consistent times. The quicker you get your reps done, the more rest you receive.