Monday 8-30-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 5 sets 
10 heavy front rack walking lunges
5 strict pull-up

B. For time:
front rack lunges @65/95#
*4 bar facing burpees after each round

Workout Notes/Intentions: Part A is a strength focus. Build to a heavy set of 10 front rack barbell lunges. You can do these walking- coaches will give instruction on where to organize bars based on class size. You may share to optimize space and equipment. Strict pullups should be challenging- add weight if possible.

Part B should be lighter than Part A. You want to get through most of your lunge sets unbroken; dropping maybe once in the sets of 16 or 20. Pullups can be broken up but you should be able to do some bigger sets (8-10 reps). After each round (lunges + pullups) you must do 4 bar facing burpees. Workout starts with lunges and ends on burpees. You only do burpees after the pullups- not after the lunges too. One round = lunges + pullups, for a total of 9 sets of burpees.