You Don’t Deserve It Because You Didn’t Work For It…

It’s interesting hearing people talk about what they should have gotten or what they should be getting. I hear these things at parties, gatherings, meetings, and in the gym.

The first question you have to ask yourself is “Why do I deserve this?” Did you put in more work than anyone else? Was it a seniority thing where you were next in line? Was it owed or promised to you?

What made me think of this was when one of our coaches (we’ll call her Ali so not to reveal her identity) was talking about muscle ups about a month ago. She said “I have ten strict pull-ups and ten strict ring dips, I should have a muscle up” I answered “No you shouldn’t. You put in the work to build strength for muscle ups and ring dips (which most aren’t willing to do), you didn’t put in the skill work for muscle ups”. If I said “I should be able to ace this exam. I went to all the classes and did all my homework”. But then didn’t study at all for the exam, I might do ok on it or it might not go so well.

Something clicked and she started putting in muscle up work. Working on her swing, on her transition, her grip and linking them together. Getting a one-off muscle up here and there is a start but refining them, linking them together, making them more efficient and elegant, now that takes work (which most aren’t willing to do).

After a month of working on muscle up skills three times a week for about 30 minutes each time, they’re looking damn good and only getting better. Now the muscle ups are on demand vs. on occasion which shows consistency, control and confidence. Not only that but it teaches you when to go and how much rest to take in between reps and sets.

Next time something comes up that you think you deserve, ask yourself if you put in the work to deserve it. Did you do everything you possibly could? Could you have done more? Or could you have done less but better?

I know I have a long list of things I don’t deserve because I haven’t done enough (or the right things) to get there.

Paul Dyck