We’re excited to offer birthday parties and special events for kids and adults (yes you read that correctly).

Join us for a your next event with coached and group led activities from start to finish. This started out as birthday parties for children but has turned into more than that with adults wanting to have a healthy and physical party option.

You’ll have access to the whole facility for your party needs and activities can be modified to your needs and wants.   

Cost: $300
Group size:
 Up to 15 participants and $10/person for each additional participant after 15

2.5 hours
1.5 hours of coaching/activity
1 hour mezzanine for food/cake/presents

Party Description:

Every event will begin with a dynamic warm up to get the blood flowing and heart pumping. After that, we’ll go through a dynamic warm up getting you moving in way’s you normally don’t move throughout the day to get the joints moving and prepped for activity.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn functional movements with a large emphasis on bodyweight skills. We will help them move well, learn what the human body is capable of, push hard, be active and have fun! Skills include air squats, pull-ups, rows, pushups, sled pushes and several others. The workout will  implement the skills learnt into a higher intensity workout that challenges each participant appropriately and gets them working hard! The challenge of the day gives participants  an opportunity to compete against each other and themselves in a simple task such as timed dead hang from the pull-up bar or timed wall sits. The party will end with games that are competitive, active and fun, including dodgeball, variations of tag games, and others. 

How are we different?
Our birthday parties are coach run for the full 90 minutes of activity. The activities will be supervised and intentional, with a focus on being active and having fun! All participants  will have the opportunity to challenge themselves and try new skills with the support of their friends and a coach. Each party is programmed ahead by an experienced coach and will include intentional, safe training, programming and implementation.

Where will you celebrate?
Our facility has a mezzanine with a large table and benches for the second half of the party. This is space where the group can eat pizza, cake, and open presents! The person planning the party will be responsible for providing the food, drink, etc. We will have garbages available and our staff will take care of all the additional clean up!

Questions? Wanting to book?
If you have any questions about our birthday parties or are looking to book one, please contact