Athlete Development Program

Take your training to the top this summer and become the athlete you have always wanted to be. 

Is something holding you back from reaching the top of your game? Maybe you are missing strength, stamina, speed, power, agility, endurance or power in your game. Perhaps you lack training structure during the summer and return to your sport in the fall at a deficit; feeling flat, out of shape, or further behind than your peers. Maybe you are looking for some supplemental training to complement the work you do over the summer. Or perhaps you want to improve your overall endurance, strength and athleticism. Starke has created a program that is designed to meet all of these areas and ensure the time you spend training this summer is time well spent. 

This program is aimed at youth aged 12-17 who are looking to take their athleticism to the next level. Each session will be fully coach led from start to finish, including a dynamic warmup, skill and strength portion, metabolic conditioning and cool down. The skills, movements and drills taught during classes will be intentional and cover a variety of modals for carryover into sport. Over the four weeks, athletes will be coached through a progression of movements, beginning with emphasis on mechanics and technique. This will be the strong foundation on which we will build strength, power, speed, agility, confidence, endurance and overall fitness.  

Prior to the start of the session, athletes will be able to set up a one-on-one meeting with the coach. This will be an opportunity to provide more information on you as an individual, your athletic background and specific goals. Whether you play volleyball, hockey, soccer, basketball, football, track, or are simply looking to improve overall athleticism, this program is for you.

Coach Ali Jacoby has founded this program on her love for sports, fitness, and desire to help young people reach their full potential. Being an athlete herself, Ali began coming to Starke to supplement her training for soccer, volleyball and track. 5 years later she is combining her knowledge of strength and conditioning training with her coaching experience and passion for teaching to bring young people this opportunity to reach new heights in their sport.

To learn more about Ali and her journey to this point, as well as her reason behind beginning this program, please read her blog post HERE


listen to her podcast HERE on what strength & conditioning and training at Starke have done for her from a young age.  


If you have questions or are looking for more information please reach out to Ali via email

Spend your summer getting stronger and fitter than ever before. Spend your summer with Starke.

Tuesdays/Thursdays in July and August


Session 1: July 2- July 25, 2019

Session 2: August 6-29, 2019





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