Movement is medicine no matter what age we are. The younger we can get and keep kids moving the better. The demand technology places on our children nowadays is excessive and we want to change that by building a healthy relationship with movement and exercise. 

Starke kids is geared towards youth ages 5 – 12. Each class runs 60 minutes and consists of a dynamic warm-up, 1 – 2 exercise related skills, a workout of the day, and a game.

Who wouldn’t want to bring their kids to that?


Classes run Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:45pm – 7:45pm 
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A clean, well-stocked gym with lots of amenities and super-friendly people to greet you. Caring, committed coaches who are dedicated to your success. Honestly, you won’t find a better box than Starke Strength & Conditioning in West St Paul / Winnipeg, where your new fitness family awaits you. Sign up for your choice of specialty classes, or work one-on-one—regardless of your preference, we’ve got everything you need to meet your training goals. Come train with us and you’ll never look back.