Personal Training



At Starke Strength & Conditioning / Starke CrossFit, you’ll never feel lost in the crowd with us. If those great-big gyms with hundreds of members sound intimidating (and like more stress than you need in your life), you’re going to love working out in a family-like, intimate atmosphere with us.

Our members love all the hands-on attention they get from our coaches (who go through 150 hours of training op top of their CrossFit certifications before they hit the coaching floor). Experienced athletes especially enjoy all the attention, because even though they’ve got a lot of knowledge about CrossFit, they still need coaching to get even better! We remember that, where other gyms forget.

Our wide variety of classes runs all day, and we also offer massage, physiotherapy, and athletic therapy so it’s easy to get what you need all in one place AND fit it into your schedule. Flexible memberships mean you only pay for what you want. Sign up for your free session today. We can’t wait to meet you!

Not into CrossFit or Barbells? That’s cool. Come try “Starke Fit”. These 45 min classes will get your heart rate up and keep it up while providing something we’re known for, our expertise on teaching the best movement and mechanics around.






“Not only is Starke an amazing and extremely motivational place to get fit and challenge yourself, it’s the people there that make you want to come back every day. Paul, and the rest of the coaches are all truly great people, who love what they do and that shows with each and every workout. It is more than just a place to come and workout, it’s a place where everyone fits in and becomes a part of your “family”. The change in myself from when I first started coming there to now, I would’ve never thought possible. Love and miss this place very much!”

-Tahnee Alexandria

“I’ve been coming to Starke for almost 2 years now and have never been more fit and motivated in my life! The physical gains almost seem easy when working at Starke. The staff, the athletes, the workouts, and the energy are beyond expectation and this box has become my second home. I’ve never looked forward to a daily workout the way I do now!”

-Cat Ross

“Excellent and very knowledgeable trainers! They are very accomodating and motivating regardless of your fitness level! Keep up the great work and positive atmosphere!”

-Melodie Line

“I’ve followed Paul as a trainer for years, before he had his own shop. I drive across town to go to Starke because Paul is a great coach, and the atmosphere is friendly. The workouts are as tough as you want them to be. I find I won’t push myself nearly as hard by myself. In a group setting, and all the support and motivation from my peers and coaches, I push myself until the end of every workout, and feel mentally stronger because of it.”

-Terry Mahalick

“Starke will change your life in ways you could never think are possible. Paul, the coaches and all the people that are there are truly inspiring and an amazing group of people. Training at Starke was one of the best things I ever did!”

-Adam Bernard

“Dropped in for a visit the other day and worked out with some awesome people. Coaching was great, class was difficult and the aptmosphere was exactly what I’ve come to expect from the CrossFit community. Two thumbs. I’ll be back.”

-Justin Richard