Here at Starke you’ll ignite your inner fire, fueled by expert instruction and all the physical, mental and nutritional support you’ll need to push forward. Our caring coaching staff and super-friendly community is comprised of really great people. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced CrossFitter, our team lives to help you reach for your personal best every single day!

The CrossFit and “Fitness” classes are the most common classes you’ll see on our schedule every day.

These classes will expose you to a wide variety of movements, exercises and the methodology behind CrossFit training.

All classes are based on the principles of applying high-quality movement & mechanics, followed by consistency, then and only then adding intensity.

Without the above approach, it’s like giving someone the keys to a race car on a track without ever going through drivers ed or being behind the wheel.

If the CrossFit workout has any Olympic lifts or overhead squats, there will always be  a “fitness” option available for those who are not in love with the barbell or who don’t have the required mobility

Your fitness option can still include barbell deadlifts and back squats, front squats,  and all the same work you might see in a CrossFit class.

Adding the intensity portion is the key to success. The harder you work the more calories you burn and the more you’ll change your body.

Work capacity breeds confidence, as your body becomes fitter, leaner and stronger so does your mind…

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A clean, well-stocked gym with lots of amenities and super-friendly people to greet you. Caring, committed coaches who are dedicated to your success. Honestly, you won’t find a better box than Starke Strength & Conditioning/Starke CrossFit in Winnipeg, where your new CrossFit family awaits you. Sign up for your choice of specialty classes, or work one-on-one—regardless of your preference, we’ve got everything you need to meet your training goals. Come WOD with us and you’ll never look back.