Amy Coggan



  • Bachelor of Commerce (in the works)

Amy Coggan has taken on the position of “THE COUNT” here at Starke. Amy specializes in “Keeping other people organized” and has been practicing “behind the scenes” work locally for over eight years. These are the parts of the business that people don’t see but are integral to the success of the business.

Amy was a small town girl before becoming the “Cross Canada Cadet”. Amy moved across Canada once done college and has lived in downtown Vancouver, Lake Louise, and Halifax before moving back to Manitoba in 2005. She claims Halifax was the best by far but we’re still waiting on survey results from the other thousand participants.   

Amy has taken to coaching her niece’s baseball team for the past two years and wants to make sure the kids have a fun atmosphere while learning new concepts. Amy does not want kids growing up with hating a sport or activity in general just because of a bad experience due to a coach.

As a youngin, Amy participated in figure skating and dance and currently plays Slo-Pitch. More recently Amy has picked up CrossFit and has “enjoyed” taking on the challenge.

When Amy’s not working she’s hanging out with her niece’s and her dog Stanley. She loves reading and baking (but only paleo treats). Currently, Amy is working towards her Bachelor of Commerce not to be confused with the reality TV show “The Bachelor”. 

Amy’s favorite quotes are:

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”


“Knowledge is not power, the implementation of knowledge is power.”