Friday 10-20-17 Workout Of The Day


5×5 or 5×7 Bear Complex with 3-5 min recovery between sets.

Version 1. Power clean + front Squat + push press + back squat + push Press. This version gives you more breaks and forces you to be under tension longer. You can get away with resting in the rack positions. I would suggest that newer athletes or athletes that don’t spend a lot of time with the barbell try this version as it gives you more time to pause and think about your next movement.

Version 2. Squat clean thruster + back squat to thruster. This version is a little more seamless and has more flow to it but it needs to be smooth and in control. For athletes who have good bar control, try this version. It’s pretty sickening 😉

The movement may be done with pauses between the transitions or you can make it seamless depending on the weight and how comfortable the athlete is with moving the bar. The bar should not leave the hands of the athlete at any point during the complex. When the plates touch the ground for both versions it should be touch and go (TNG).

Recommended weight 65/95# or 95/135#


Five Rounds Of…

7 Double bell clean + front squat to thruster 30/50 +/-

Row 250m

Rest as needed between sets and pick a heavy weight. You should be on the struggle bus for the last two rounds of the complex. Your row is your break so don’t go too fast 😉