Wednesday 9-27-17 Workout Of The Day


For Time…


Dealift 215/315#

Ring Muscle Ups / Ring Dips


For Time…


Dealift 215/315# (Scale As Needed)

Ring Dips / Box Dips

For the CrossFit or Fitness option, the weight you choose for your deadlift should only have one break maximum during your set of 15 & 10 deadlifts. If you choose a weight that you’ll need to break every three reps this workout will take too long. Build to a weight that’s challenging and that you can do 10 mechanically sound unbroken reps in your round of 15.



25 Min AMRAP

50 Single Skips

40 Wall Balls

30 KBS (Kettlebell Swings)

20 Burpees

10 Kcal Row

2 x 50ft Sled Sprints