Friday 03-12-2021 Workout Of the Day

A. 12 Minute build to a challenging 3 TNG deadlifts

B. 3:00 on / 1:30 off x 4*
3 deadlifts @155/225#
6 lateral bar burpees
9 box jumps
*Pickup where you leave off each round

Optional but strongly recommended 🙂
B. Tabata 0:20 work / 0:10 rest x 8 each
BB strict press
BB curls


Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, take some time to grease the groove and build to a challenging and mechanically sound three touch and go reps for your deadlift.

For part B.You want to be able to do all movements fairly quickly and unbroken. Deadlift weight should be comfortable for 3, so that you can move through at a steady, smooth pace for the full 3 minutes. You will cycle through the AMRAP for 3 minutes, and then rest for 1:30. You will start each AMRAP wherever you left off in the last one. Score is total rounds + reps after all 4 AMRAPs.

Part C. is some accessory work. You will use an empty bar, and complete all 8 rounds of the strict press before moving onto the curls.