Friday 09-04-2020 Workout Of the Day

A 0:30 on 0:30 off x 5 rounds (15 min)
1: handstand hold
2: strict pullups
3: ring dips

B. For time: @35/50# *
50 DB box step overs
40 DB hang cleans
30 DB front squats
20 DB S2OH
10 devil’s press
*every time you break, perform 40 DU

Workout Notes/Intentions: The focus for Part A is gymnastics. The goal is to work for 30 seconds straight, and then rest for the same time. Handstand hold can be freestanding or against the wall. It could be a wallwalk + wall facing handstand hold. If you are uncomfortable or unable to be inverted, then a plank hold can be done. Strict pullups and dips may not be unbroken and straight through, but try to maximize your work time as much as possible. 

For Part B, you will use two dumbbells for all movements. Every time you put them down, you must perform 40 DU or 60 singles before continuing. Once you get to the devil’s press, there is no more DU penalty. For stepovers, dumbbells will be held at the side.