Friday 11-27-2020 Starke HomeFit

A. For time: 
DB manmaker*
t2b/HLR/dragon flag/anchored sit-up
box/stair/bench jumps

*1 rep= plank + push-up + row R&L + clean + thruster

B. Finisher:
0:30 floor press / 0:15 rest x 4
0:30 curls / 0:15 rest x 4

Workout Notes/Intentions: the DB manmakers (or woman makers 😉) for Part A are a complex, involved movement. They take a long time so will need to be paced. You will definitely spend most of your time on them during this workout! You will do 10 manmakers, 10 t2b (or variation listed above), 20 box jumps. Then 9-9-19, 8-8-16, etc finishing with 1 manmaker, 1 T2b and 2 box jumps. Sub stair jumps or a step up if needed.

Part B is a short finisher. Choose light weights so you can rep out on those movements for the full 30 seconds. You’ll be burning and wanting to stop by about the middle of round 2! Push through and keep your bells/bar moving. Do all 4 sets of floor press before doing curls.