GYM NEWS: With the news of new restrictions we’re now limited to Zoom classes to provide workouts for members and can no longer perform small group in person sessions. We would like to add more in Zoom classes for the time being so please reach out to and let us know if there are better times that work for you if you’re someone who will be attending.

This lockdown is going to be a challenge for all of us. If there’s one thing I can suggest, it’s to keep moving. If you do something for 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30+ minutes, just keep moving #everydamnday A body at rest likes to stay at rest and that’s the last thing we need right now.

Stay strong everyone and keep taking steps forward every day. It’s always a better result than standing still.

Friday 5-21-21 Starke HomeFit

EMOM – 20 (5 Rounds)
Minute 1: 6 DB Deficit push ups @ 31×1 Tempo
Minute 2: 10 Weighted Back Lunges Right Leg
Minute 3: 10 Weighted Back Lunges Left Leg
Minute 4: 10 Alternating Renegade Rows

In this 20 minute strength EMOM, pick weights that will challenge you and still give you around 30 seconds rest each round. The heavier you go, the more fun it will be.


AMRAP – 15
10 Burpee Box Jumps
10 T2B / HLR / Mod. Dragon Flags / Anchored sit-ups
10 Hang Clean & Jerks (BB, KB, or DB) 65/95ish

For part B. you should aim for a sustained pace in the workout taking maybe only one break in each set of the T2B and Clean & Jerks. This one doesn’t require a lot of equipment but it’s going to require some heart and soul. Those that can go unbroken on the movements and modifications in this workout will “Excel”