Let’s Change Some Lives… by Paul Dyck

Something we try hard to do every day here at Starke is change peoples lives. Some of this happens by lifting weights, running, rowing, swinging kettlebells, and moving bodies.

These are things that are measurable and repeatable in the gym. Weights, reps, sets, damper settings, tempo, movement, mechanics, standards, and intensity are all controllable. These are all things you can get better at and modify as needed on a bad day or increase on a good day.

I think some of the most amazing changes are the byproducts of training tools we use. Things that can’t be measured like confidence, mental strength, happiness, will, character and personality.

Physical capacity breeds confidence in all areas of life in and outside the gym. I’ve had more conversations with members asking why they do this. Why do they push so hard every day then come back again the next day and do it again? Most respond with “because I can” or “because I love it” or “because it makes me feel alive”.

When I talk to people and compare them to the person I met a few months ago, or a year ago, or 3 years ago I know I’m talking to the same person but they’re different. It’s an exciting thing to see because the “different” is good. The “different” is confident, the “different” is hungry.

We may be changing peoples bodies with strength, conditioning, and nutrition but we’re changing peoples minds and hearts with the same tools and showing them that they’re capable of so much more than they think.

Ben and I work a lot together on programs, marketing, and media for Starke up in my office. When its time for one or both of us to head downstairs to coach a class, as we’re leaving we say “Let’s change some lives” or “It’s time to change some lives”.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people grow physically and mentally from doing some burpees, throwing some weight around and getting all hot and sweaty. I know that all the coaches and therapists here at Starke believe that and that’s why they’re here.

Thanks for reading but now it’s time for me to go change some lives…

Paul Dyck