Monday 01-03-22

EMOM – 12
Odd: Minutes: 5 DB Bench/Floor Press
Even: 5 Single Leg Deadlift / Side

Take some time to build and find some weight for part A. It’s not going to get crazy heavy as you only have a minute to accomplish each movement in. The single leg deadlifts will take longer as they should be done slower and more controlled. Keep that in mind while choosing your weight.


500m Row or Ski
20 T2B HLR
30 OH Kettlebell Swings (KBS)

RX: 400/500m 35/50#
Intermediate: 400/500m 35/50#
Beginner: 300/400m 30/40# (Russian swings)

Today’s workout should be consistent movement on the rower / ski with a little recovery in the last 50ish meters so you can get right to work on your T2B or variation. Keep a more relaxed grip on the rower so you don’t burn out your grip for the T2B & KBS. Aim to finish this workout in >20 min.