Monday 01-25-2021 Starke HomeFit

A. 5 sets:
max strict press into max push press *
*5 strict pullups + 0:45 weighted plank between sets

B. 3:00 on 1:30 off x 4*
20/15 cals
15 front or goblet squats
10 pullups
*pickup where you leave off each round

Workout Notes/Intentions: For part A, use double KB/DB or a barbell if you have. Choose a weight that will allow you to manage 7-10 strict reps in that first set. You go directly into push press when you can no longer strict press. Count your reps each round. You will likely notice your reps decline as you progress through the sets. After each set of pressing, you will perform 5 strict pull-ups (sub rows) and a 45 second weighted plank. Rest as needed between movements. 

For Part B, you are doing this as an AMRAP. Wherever you leave off after 3 minutes of work is where you pick up the next round. Score for the workout is total rounds + reps at the end of 4 sets. Choose a weight that allows you to go unbroken on the squats. Pull-ups aim for 1-2 sets.