Monday 06-29-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. EMOM x 10
1 power clean, building

B. 10 RFT @135/185#
3 power cleans
6 pushups
9 box jumps

Workout Notes/Intentions: Goal for the EMOM is to build throughout your 10 sets, ending at a heavy and challenging weight. Some athletes may even get into PR territory, which is awesome! If you are feeling good and still moving well, you can get heavy with it today. If you are newer or just returning to weightlifting, staying lighter and focusing on form is also a great choice. You may choose to add a few reps to the EMOM if you are staying light.

For Part B, the power cleans are meant to be heavy. Doing quick singles is a good option for this one. You shouldn’t need too long between reps. If you are needing 30 seconds between cleans, it is too heavy. Pushups should be unbroken, and box jumps quick.