Monday 07-20-2020 Workout Of the Day

A. E2:30 x 6 sets (15 min)
3 deadlifts
6 strict ring dips
9 strict t2b/t2r

time cap 17 mins
300m run
6 deadlift @185/275#
9 burpee box jumps @20/24″

Workout Notes/Intentions: For Part A, you will build to a challenging set of 3 Deadlifts. You can touch and go, or reset at the bottom for each rep. The strict ring dips can be done with weight if possible. They can also be done banded, with feet behind you or on a box. Bench/box dips are another option. If possible, strict t2b will be done from the bar. Rings are a great alternative that provide some added mobility, making them slightly easier than on the bar. Strict leg raises can be done from the bar, with a slow descent as another modification. A final option is a small kip to get the toes to the ring/bar, but a slow 5 second controlled descent to work on strength and added time under tension. Whatever variations you begin with, we want to complete all 6 sets with. 

For Part B, the 6 deadlifts should be unbroken. Weight will be moderate, so it’s important to maintain proper form as you progress through the 5 rounds and are under fatigue. The burpee box jumps will not be jump overs mainly to save space, so you must stand up tall on the box, then step or jump back down to complete the rep. Reps are all relatively low so intensity should be quite high. There should not be any time in this workout where you are standing still; aim to not stop moving until you’re finished. Pick up the pace on those last 2 rounds. Your last 9 reps should be quick!